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Thanksgiving Target Practice

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful day at home with your loved ones. 

Thanksgiving Dinner 2011-016

My Brother has a new gun, so the boys got all their guns out and went into the back pasture for some target practice.  Noisy fun.  Justin had a BLAST... no pun intended but he really had fun.  

Justin Shooting the .22-042
This is a happy little boy, it takes a lot for him to look at the camera and grin! 

Bang Bang-046

My Brother's new gun, its a .44 black powder...and makes a big boom.  Don't ask me anymore questions about it.  I won't be able to answer them..  Its a gun.  A loud one.  Like that shot?  Yeah, me too.  

Shooting antique filter-015
Bullets...  not the type that kill vampires though.  

Boys out Shooting Guns-202

I think the Second Amendment is so important and the heart of America lies in the right to defend ourselves..not for the Government to "defend us" but the right of the citizens to be able to defend ourselves.   
Bang Bang-027
I don't really like guns at all, they make me nervous. But, I like photographing them shooting this one! 

Justin Shooting-055
This boy...  went to bed happy tonight!

"Did we hit the target?" 

Target Practice-120

So, Justin doesn't believe in wearing his own socks...he will NOT stay out of his Dad's socks. I'm sure he has the mistreated waif look down at school because of his huge, saggy socks.  
Steve's new toy-027
I like this shot...  and how the shot looked, um?  Well..anyways..

Ray shooting-263
Ray firing off his "cop" gun.  Well whatever it is..the one that sits in the old Policeman belt.  

Justin Shooting the .22-083
Note... I know Justin is shooting a .22 - more details...nope.  It is not as loud as the other guns.  

Shooting Steve-036
My big brother, Steve shooting at the target.  Now, this whole fun day of shooting is his new hobby. I kind of miss the four wheeling.  

Go ahead make my day-231
My oldest son...practicing his shooting skills. 





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A Great day in the country! Love the Photo's!


Thanks, they had a lot of fun out there!

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