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The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

 Universities are an important part of Oklahoma's history. USAO is one of the only Universities that is not only a National Historic site it is a National Historic District. The old buildings, which were once graced by young women attending the Oklahoma College for Women (OCW).  I recently attended a college reunion put on for the Graduates of The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, USAO.  While on campus I managed to take a few photographs of this historic campus. USAO  is one of the few public liberal arts colleges, it has also attained a national ranking for providing a quality education, while being noted as one of "Oklahoma's Ivy League" Universities on a PBS documentary.  I owe a lot to this University and realized at this reunion that the young graduates are not giving back like those very dedicated ladies who graduated from OCW.

  The Green and Gold - USAO Drovers 

My first experiences with USAO were in the 80's.  As early as 1983 I remember visiting my older sister in the dorm (at age six).  I thought this was as big, exciting world.  I remember visiting college classes complete with a coloring book and crayons, while listening to a Biology lecture.  While in the evening sneaking Rice Krispie treats cooked on a very illegal hot plate in my Sister's dorm room.   My first experience with MTV was in a USAO dorm and I recall how much I desired to go to college to be like my big brother and sister, this was at age six.   

  Nashlibrary suneset

It was not until I left college did I realize what a difference my education was in comparison to people who did not have a liberal arts degree.  I left with a love of history, literature, arts and science.  My world view was shaped by the 60 hour core of interdisciplinary studies.  

  Alumni House
Alumni House at USAO  

The reunion was a refreshing experience.  Which left me for a nostalgia for the past and a longing to return to my youth as a student.  USAO is truly a great place in Oklahoma to seek higher education. You are an individual and not a number.  People know you by name and your classes are not taught by graduate students.  

  Chapel 2
USAO Chapel 

  Chapel stream 3
A beautiful campus.  I do love the towering Magnolia trees but I did not get a good shot of them.  

  Davis Hall
Davis Hall, I spent many, many, many hours in this building.   

   Flower at USAO
Flower outside of Davis Hall.  I do truly love this University.  I am going to dedicate this posting to someone who was very important to me that the world lost to the tragedy of suicide in 2007.  She graduated from USAO, and I know that her years at USAO were truly the best years of her life. N'Keigh Hodges at her graduation from USAO in 2002 (I believe).  




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Gwen McCord

These pictures brought back lovely memories of my years at OCW. i graduated in 1962. Thanks for posting them.


Thank you! I graduated in 1999, but finished a teacher certification in 2002. I do love USAO it is a wonderful University and I'm proud to have graduated from there.

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