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Pam's Hateful Hussy Diner in Talihina Oklahoma

Talihina is Choctaw for "Iron Road" according to the picture hanging up inside the Choctaw Nation Hospital.  Located in the heart of the Choctaw Nation you will drive into the little town that is the gateway to the Winding Staircase National Monument.   Home of the Choctaw Nation Hospital,  we spent two days waiting on the arrival of the newest little bundle of joy in our family.   After a rough night of sleep in the car we stopped by this cute little diner in downtown Talihina.  "Pam's Hateful Hussy Diner" is worth eating at just because I love the name.  So if you are in Talihina, stop by and have some hateful hussy cuisine.  

  Hateful Hussy Diner 1
   Hateful Hussy Diner 3
  Hateful Hussy 2
Very cute decor. 

  Hateful Hussy My Sister LOL
Just because my baby sister would kill me for posting her picture (esp after our fun night of sleeping in the car) and the expectant Daddy - he was a little excited that day.  I'm surprised his wife allowed him to escape for food, she's much nicer than I would have been.   I like this picture though.  They are the same age and have been buddies since they were little bitty. A very exciting day for him! 


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This is my next road trip. My name is Pam... I can be a Hateful old Hussy... I think I just found my home...

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